SANDI - Procedure and Charge Entry

Procedure codes document medical procedures performed and supplies used and create the charges on the clients account. All charges should be entered using your own log in.

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  1. Bring up a client/patient in the dashboard.  (Testing Note:This is the LIVE database and a test account is recommended.)
  2. Select the arrow next to Charges/Procedure Hx


Add Charge


  1. Select Add Charge


All fields in red are required.

  1. Performing Staff is the clinician performing the procedure
  2. Supervising Faculty is the faculty overseeing the procedure/service area
  3. Visit Type determines the section that is responsible for the patient’s care. It defaults to the visit type entered when the patient is admitted to the hospital in Vetstar. This may change if the section in charge of the patient’s care changes, for example, from Small Animal Medicine to Small Animal Surgery.
  4. Enter your charge(s). 
    • Lookup by keyword (must enter at least 3 characters) or by procedure code
    • Note about Taxes
      • In Illinois, anything that goes home with the patient is taxable. Anything that occurs within the hospital is non-taxable. 
      • Many animals come in via the ER and are registered with an initial visit type of ER non-taxable. If the patient is transferred to medicine the visit type should be changed to medicine non-taxable.  The techs typically change this. However, it is very important that you check to ensure that the visit type is correct for two reasons:
        1. The visit type triggers what will be taxable and ensure we collect the required tax at discharge.
        2. All of our performance reports are based on the visit type.
      • Visit type codes that end in ‘T’ (e.g. SAMT) add sales tax to its line item amount. 
      • Ancillary (such as Imaging or Anesthesia) or consulting services are not entered as a Visit Type. 
        • Example: Anesthesia doing a procedure for Dental patient, it will be Dentistry Non-Taxable Visit Type.
  5. Add Row when you need more lines for additional charges.
  6. Post Charges when done and check Vetstar to ensure all transferred over. 

Add Procedure Packages

  1. Select Add Procedure Packages