Gies Tiered Classroom, 243 Wohlers

This is an overview of the technology in 243 Wohlers, a departmental classroom supported by IT Partners @ Gies College of Business.

This classroom is equipped with audio-visual (AV) equipment for instructors.

Equipment in this Classroom: 

Contact Info

For immediate assistance with classroom technology issues during business hours, call 217-333-6568.

To report problems with technology in this room, request training, or request software installation on the classroom computer, please send an email to our AV Support team at


Front view


Student View

Touch Panel

Useful Links

To reserve this room, contact your department to send a request to Gies Facilities or send an email to

For ADA accessibility maps of the classrooms buildings see

A video tutorial for teaching in Gies classrooms is available at this eLearning link.

A Quick Guide is available at this Box link. (U of I login required)