VTH New Hire Health Information System Orientation Instructions (Canvas)

As VTH personnel you will be working with patient/client records, and will have access to health information systems. Access to this information is limited to those who have completed a required orientation.

Training Overview

  • Several of the lessons include quizzes
  • A grade of 100% on each quiz must be attained
  • You may retake the quizzes if necessary
  • All course material must be completed to gain access to the VTH health information systems.

Canvas Login Instructions

  1. Access the orientation materials on the Canvas website: TRAINING - Veterinary Teaching Hospital - New Hire Orientation (https://canvas.illinois.edu/courses/15459)
  2. Login with your NetID and NetID password (You will likely need to complete 2-Factor Authorization, follow the screen prompts to complete this step.)
  3. This will bring you to the Canvas home page shown below.

Select Training Course

Select your job/position role and complete the following lessons associated with your position.

For example:

Note: Be sure you go through each course and complete all tasks. (Ensure that you expand any links to additional info and review attachments.)