Canvas, Information for Assistive Technology Users

This page contains multiple links and information about accessibility within Canvas.

Screen Reader / Keyboard-Only Users

The Canvas website provides tips for screen reader and keyboard-only users.

Please consult the Screen Readers and Browsers section of Canvas’s accessibility documentation to determine its current support for various screen reader and browser combinations.

Specific issues to note are as follows:

Document Viewer


Screen reader users are recommended to use the Agenda calendar view due to inaccessible table structure in the Week and Month views.


After submitting an assignment, screen reader users may not receive a notification alert indicating the status of their submission.
Workaround: The notification is located in the complementary region on the assignment submission page.


The file tree is not easily navigable or consistently usable by screen reader users.
Workaround: If possible, access content through Modules rather than Files.

My Media and Kaltura Media Gallery

My Media and Kaltura Media Gallery are both part of the Canvas Kaltura integration. Please see the Kaltura accessibility page for more details about the accessibility of Kaltura.

Screen reader users may experience significant barriers in attempting to complete an in-video quiz in Kaltura Media Gallery. Faculty should avoid utilizing this tool.

Office 365

Documents in the Office 365 integration will be rendered through the Office Online document viewer. 

Screen Magnifier Users

Information for Instructors

Canvas has General Accessibility Design Guidelines for making your course content accessible. 

Timing Accommodations

You can set different availability dates and times for specific users for assignments and quizzes. To do so, review the How to Extend Time for Assignments and Providing Extended Time Accommodations Answers KnowledgeBase articles.

Information for Instructors using Assistive Technology

Consult the Accessibility Within Canvas guide for keyboard shortcuts and advice on specific tools within Canvas. 

Vendor Accessibility Documentation

Canvas Voluntary Product Accessibility Template (VPAT) and WCAG 2.0 Checklist

Get Help


Canvas is one of several products developed by Instructure. As part of our contract, all students, staff, and faculty have access to Instructure’s support services including a 24-hour Canvas Support Hotline at 1-833-228-9829. You can also chat with a live representative – Chat with Canvas Support

Instructure also maintains an extensive library of documentation to assist faculty and students with the transition to Canvas:

Provide Feedback

We want to hear from you about our Canvas service. If you’re having problems using this service or you have more information about the accessibility of this service that we should share with others on this page or elsewhere in our Canvas Accessibility Resources, please let us know by using our U of I Canvas Contact Form. For accommodation-related questions, please contact Disability Resources & Educational Services.