VPN, Password Change, Windows Network Sign-in After Password Change

If someone changes their password while their work computer is not connected to University internet, Windows in that computer may not accept their newest (or any) password to log in. This desyncronization is a known issue that can usually be solved by reconnecting to the University's networks.

On Campus

Make sure that the computer is connected to University internet with an ethernet wire or the IllinoisNet wireless network.

Click the "Switch user" button or "Sign in as another user" option to reach the screen prompting for username and password. You may need to restart the computer to see these options.

In the username field, prepend your NetID with ad.uillinois.edu\ or UOFI\ - doing this instructs Windows to look for your account credentials in the online Active Directory rather than locally. For example, our office would use ad.uillinois.edu\consult in place of consult or consult@illinois.edu.

If you are able to use other University services, or sign in to other devices on the same network, contact the departmental IT group that initially configured the device. A list of IT units across campus can be found in our service catalog here: https://help.illinois.edu/helpdesks/

Off Campus

The Windows sign-in page will not learn about a new password for your account until the computer connects to University networks.

If your password has not expired, you may be able to use a previous password to sign in. Otherwise, bring the device to campus and have it join IllinoisNet, or simulate a connection to campus by accessing the University VPN from the Windows sign-in screen:

  1. Look for the VPN connection icon next to the power, Ease of Access, and network icons at the sign-in screen. It is shaped like two overlapping monitors.
    If you do not see the VPN connection icon, click the network icon to make sure that the device is connected to the internet, then click the power icon and choose "Restart". Once the machine finishes rebooting, the VPN connection icon should appear.
  2. Click the VPN connection icon. If the computer was configured for the Urbana campus, a Cisco-branded popup will appear. If the computer was configured by AITS or intended for System Office use, you will instead see a built-in Windows VPN configuration screen; see System Office - Unable to Log into Windows (10 or 11) PC After Netid Password Change.
  3. Authenticate at the VPN popup; it will accept the most recent password for your account, even if the Windows sign-in screen would not. Make sure you have the "4 Computer Login" profile selected.
  4. Once the device is connected to the VPN, attempt to sign in to Windows again with the most recent password.
    You may need to follow the 'On Campus' steps above once connected to the VPN.

If you do not see the VPN connection icon at the Windows sign-in screen, this software component may have been misconfigured. Try using a previous password to sign in to Windows, or reach out to your departmental IT group to inquire about the VPN.

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