Identity Management, Urbana Single Sign-On Pages

Depending on which single sign-on (SSO) page you are signing into, you will either need to use your NetID or your university email address.

Starting Aug 12-14, Urbana campus users will primarily use two SSO systems that enable access to various services using university credentials.

[Starting Aug 12-14] If accessing Microsoft365 (Outlook, Word, Excel, etc.) or Shibboleth (Canvas, Box, Zoom, Moodle, etc.): Use email address for login

  • AzureAD, the login URL begins with
  • You will need to enter your entire university provided email address here as indicated by the placeholder text.
    • If you type in just your NetID here, your login will fail.
    • For IT Pros, the actual attribute for the login address is the UserPrincipalName.
  • Identified by a white sign-in box with a picture of the quad in the background.
  • Shibboleth hands off authentication to AzureAD, so Shibboleth apps/service providers will use this page for authentication.
    Screenshot showing AzureAD login page asking for


If accessing AITS Applications (Banner, HR Reporting, My UI Info, NetID Center, Direct Deposit, etc.): Use NetID for login

  • SiteMinder, the login URL begins with
  • You will need to enter your NetID in the box indicated.
    • NOTE: If you type in your university provided email address here, your login will fail.
  • Identified by a white login box with blue background.
  • Commonly used by AITS applications (such as Banner, NetID Center, My UI Info, Direct Deposit, etc.), however some non-AITS applications may use SiteMinder for authentication.
    SiteMinder login page asking for netid and password