Firefox (Win) - Using the Popup Blocker

This document explains how to enable and disable Firefox's popup blocker for versions 3.5 and higher. For general information on popup blockers, see Popup Blocker - FAQ. If this info does not reflect your Firefox browser please see Firefox's updated documentation

  1. Menu selections vary by Firefox version.

    • Firefox 4.0 or earlier: Click Tools, then select Options.

    • Firefox 4.0 - 28.0.1: Click the orange Firefox button at the top left, then select Options > Options.

    • *Note: If the Menu Bar is visible in 4.0 or later, see instructions above.

      Firefox 29.0+: Click the Menu button at the top right, then select the Options button.


  2. Go to the Content tab. You can toggle the popup blocker by checking or unchecking Block pop-up windows.

  3. Additionally, you can specify which websites are allowed to open popup windows by clicking Exceptions....