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What is OnSite Consulting, and how do I contact them?

OnSite Consulting sends a skilled consultant to a client's home or office for technical support with PCs, Macs, and Linux/UNIX machines. Typical problems that OnSite consultants assist clients with include networking connection issues, operating system and software installation, server set-up and administration, multimedia installation and configuration, UC device troubleshooting, and hardware installation/troubleshooting. 

OnSite Consulting costs $40/hour with a 1 hour minimum billing. Emergency, same-day service costs $80/hour. OnSite's services are available to students, staff, faculty, and alumni as long as they still have a valid NetID. 

What they CAN help with

  • Virus cleanup
  • OS re-installs (client needs to have a valid key for OS)
  • Data Recovery (best effort, nothing guaranteed)
  • Admin Password Wiping
  • Networking
  • UC/Lync
  • Hardware repair/replacement (ex. Keyboards, hard drives, some LCD screens, etc.) (best effort, nothing guaranteed)
  • No parts on hand, but will order them for people who pay
  • Basic Server Support
  • Basic Active Directory Support
  • Traditional Data Migration 

What they CANNOT help with

  • Spills on laptops (can make an attempt, nothing guaranteed)
  • Will not physically repair hard drives, flash drives, hardware in general
  • Will not fix motherboard issues (can replace)


Escalation Information: (some basic information that must be documented prior to escalation).
Required information to gather:
  • Customer's phone number (required)
  • Their question or issue (required)
  • A good time that they can be reached if they want direct phone contact (required)
Note: When escalating a ticket, please be specific that it is a referral:
  • The referral has to come from the Help Desk or Tier 2 team, they will not accept the "word" of a client. Please document the referral in the ticket and use the Tech Services.OnSite Consulting.Referral request area.
  • (Onsite will call down sometimes to verify if this is not done).
  • Let the customer know that it generally takes 2 business days before OnSite calls them to make an appointment.
  • Same day emergency service cannot use the "referral" under any circumstances. Same day customers must contact OnSite directly at: (217) 333-8628, or email onsite@illinois.edu.
*If you are unable to find an answer that resolves the customer issue, please escalate as shown below with the required information listed above. Speak with a supervisor or Team Lead for additional input, if needed.
Where to escalate the ticket to:
  • Request Area: Tech Services.Tech Services.OnSite Consulting.Referral
  • Transfer the ticket to: TechSvcs-OnSite

To contact Onsite Consulting, please call 333-8628, or email onsite@illinois.edu.
Tickets should be sent to TechSvcs-OnSite, using Request Area:Tech Services.OnSite Consulting.Referral  (unless it is a virus referral).

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