Active Directory, How to create an AD Account In Department OU

I need help creating an AD/Resource Account in my department OU.

You must be a department IT Pro with write privileges to an Organizational Unit (OU). These instructions assume the Microsoft Remote Server Administration Tools (RSAT) is installed. You are also the one to reset the password if needed.

1. Navigate to Active Directory Users and Computers in your Start menu

2. Make sure you are connected to domain

a. Right click on Active Directory Users and Computers

b. Change domain

c. Enter

3. Navigate to the OU that you manage (usually within the Urbana OU)

4. Now create an account

5. Right click in right hand window- go to new- then user

6. Fill out info for account name (Names don't matter, but the User Logon Name is important)

a. Make sure to use something that cannot be used as a netid: 9 characters or more, and use a hyphen

b. Preferred naming format is to prefix the name with a departmental abbreviation, such as "ACES-WebServiceAcct"

7. Click next

8. Create password
a. Uncheck user must change password at next logon (must do for use with Skype for Business)

9. Click next

10. Finish To Manage

11. Right click on account name to get options

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