Skype for Business, Conference Calls, Outside Callers Joining Meetings

Why do outside callers have to wait for a Skype for Business or Lync caller for a meeting to start? I'm calling from a cell phone but the meeting asked me to wait for a leader?

All meetings require at least one Skype for Business or Lync authenticated user (either Enterprise Voice or Lync-to-Lync enabled) to "start" the meeting.

Authenticated users are those that have presented the system with information proving who they are. The easiest ways to do this are by joining from an application or device that you have provided your NetID and password, for example:  the Skype for Business client on a computer or mobile phone.  Another way is to use a Skype for Business conferencing PIN.

Examples of how people can join a meeting as an authenticated user:

Examples of situations where you are not considered to be an authenticated user:

When setting up an online meeting, you can set an option to have unauthenticated callers (cell phones, land lines, other businesses and universities, etc.) join the meeting without the need to “Wait in the Lobby”. “Waiting in the Lobby” forces outside callers to wait until "admitted" by an authenticated user.

However, you still MUST have at least one Skype for Business or Lync authenticated user in the meeting. If no authenticated user joins, the online meeting will not begin and other callers will be dropped from the meeting!


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