Banner - How can I receive my official transcripts/grade history, if there's no preferred Email address?

I want to look at my grades using Banner (Academic History). I need an official transcript. When I try to request a transcript, I get the error that there is no preferred email address in Banner.

You can look at your unofficial transcript by logging into the Enterprise Applications Website. If your password is not working, you will need to do one of the following: Former students (after Fall 2004) will always retain their Enterprise ID, but because the Net ID and password are retired, must change their Enterprise password by:

    a. Entering your Enterprise ID and old password in and clicking on the box in front of Change Your Password. Then the system will allow you to change the password.

    b. Giving AITS Service Desk a call with your UIN at (217) 333-3102 or (312) 996-4806 and they will reset the password for you. If you do not know your UIN, you can visit the I-CARD website, fill out the information in the box and click Submit. It will give you your UIN. If you receive an error and cannot get the UIN, please contact the I-card office. Former students (prior to Fall 2004) usually do not have Enterprise accounts.

To request transcripts you will need to select the option of requesting an official transcript without an Enterprise ID.

Contact - I-CARD

2. You can order official transcripts in one of three ways:

    A. Online - Using your Enterprise ID and password (students enrolled Fall 2004 and after).

    B. Online - Selecting the option that does not require an Enterprise ID and password (students graduated prior to Fall 2004 or students who cannot recall their Enterprise ID and Password) UIC OAR website- 



Click on Former Students link UIS OAR website


    C. In person, or in writing.

Contact numbers:

Through the Enterprise Applications website

3. For preferred email address missing in banner errors, contact OAR: