EDDIE - UR_FIGL_College_MultiFund_Management_Report - Information

I have questions about the EDDIE report UR_FIGL_College_MultiFund_Management_Report.

New Fund Summary Report for Department Managers AITS/Decision Support partnered with OBFS University Accounting and Financial Reporting to create a new report in the Enterprise Data Delivery Information Environment (EDDIE) system, titled UR_FIGL_College_MultiFund_Management_Report, for financial managers who wish to review the status of funds for their college in one location. This report contains a summary of the fund balance by fund and fund type, as well as fund code details for a particular Chart, college code, fiscal year and fiscal period. Refer to the first tab of the report for document details and instructions for running the report. 

The UR_FIGL_Departmental_MultiFund_Management_Report can be found in EDDIE under the Corporate Categories>Finance>Operating Ledger folder. 

Contact information: If you have questions about the report, please contact OBFS UAFR Accounting Consulting Equipment Information Management Services at obfsuafredreports@uillinois.edu