EDW - Connection Information for the EDW (Oracle) Database

How do I connect to EDW data access? This is general connection information, specific instruction may vary depending on which tool you use. EDW hosted on Oracle database.

If you have approved access you can use ODBC connection and connect via the various tool such as TOAD, SQL Developer, or Tableau Desktop

You need to have EDW (Oracle) access.  If you don't have access, please contact your USC and they will guide you on how to gain access.  

Connection Information: (This is general connection information, the specific instruction may vary depending on the tool you use)

Access Notes: When I log in, what username and password do I use? If you try to use your AD, NetID, or Enterprise ID password, they will not work, you need to use your Data Warehouse/Oracle account and password. If you are not able to login please try reset the password using the link on the page link below and make sure the password you are using is 12 characters or less.