Illinois Compass 2g, Canvas, A dropped class or an old class from a previous semester still in course list

I dropped a class, but I still see the link on my Illinois Compass 2g or Canvas home page. A class from last semester is still in my course list. How do I hide a course from my list?

Dropped Course

If you drop a course via the Enterprise self-service system it will not be immediately reflected in Illinois Compass 2g or Canvas.

Students who drop a course should be removed from the corresponding Compass  or Canvas space in three full business days.  If you don’t want that dropped course to appear in your course list, there are three options:

  1. Wait.  Automated processes will remove your access to the class and its display on your Compass 2g or Canvas home screen a few days after you drop the course.
  2. Instructors can manually remove your access to a course at any time.   Technology Services cannot manually add or remove a student from a course.
Hide the course from the course list.
For Compass 2g:
  1.  Hover over the header bar for the Course List.
  2. A gear icon will appear on the far right side of the header bar. Click it.
  3. In the Edit Course List section, remove all the checkmarks from the boxes in the row of the course you wish to hide.
  4. Click Submit.
If you want to restore the view, place a checkmark in the box in the Course Name column.

For Canvas:
  1. Click on "Courses" on the far left global navigation menu.
  2. Scroll down to "All Courses."
  3. Fill in the star or unselect it to choose which courses you would like to appear on your dashboard. 
Old Class from previous semester still there

When the professor set up the course, an expiration date was created. Once that expiration date passes, the old course will disappear. If you would like it removed sooner:

  1. Contact the professor and ask them to remove you.
  2. Hide the course with the instructions above.