Illinois Compass 2g, How to request a new Illinois Compass 2g space or Check Status of Request

I am an Instructor and would like information for requesting a space on Illinois Compass 2g.

Before requesting your new course space you should review the available space types for Illinois Compass 2g. The page contains information about the different types of Compass 2G spaces and video tutorials on how to request the various spaces.

Once you are ready to request a course space, research space, collaboration space, or development (practice) space, that can be done here:

On the "Submit Your Request" page, you will be asked if you have special instructions.

NOTE:  Please allow up to 15 minutes for your space to be provisioned and built. You may also have to logout and close your current browser in order to access the content area of the new space.

If you would like to know the status of your request, you can do that through the same request tool: