Illinois Compass 2g, Requesting and viewing research or collaboration sites

How do I create a Compass 2g site for research or collaboration purposes? I requested a research or collaboration site, but it doesn't show up in Course List.

You may request a site for research or collaboration via the Course Space Request Application at space that is requested as research or collaboration will not appear in the Compass 2g Course List.

Once these spaces are created, they will show up on your Compass 2g dashboard in a module called "My Organizations."  By default, this module is hidden. To view the "My Organizations" module:

  1. Click on the "Add Module" button on the dashboard.  It will be under the Compass 2g logo at the upper-left.
  2. Find the module called "My Organizations" in the list.  It may be located on the second page of the list.
  3. Click the "Add" button in the "My Organizations" section.
  4. Upon returning to the 2g dashboard, you may drag-and-drop the module to the desired position in the dashboard.