Illinois Compass 2g, Copying course content after an Illinois Compass space has already been built

I requested and received a new Illinois Compass 2g course space, but I need material from a previous semester copied into it.

Instructors may desire to have content from a past semester's course space ("Course A") copied into a new course for the current semester ("Course B").  If this is decided before the space has been created, the space request can be edited here:

If an Instructor has already requested a course space in Illinois Compass 2g, and then later, after the course space ("Course B") has been built, wants to have content from a past semester copied into it (from A to B):

  1. Visit the Illinois Compass 2g Space Request Application.
  2. Complete a new request for the course ("Course C", which will replace "Course B"). 
  3. Use the application to select the old course space ("Course A") to be copied. 
  4. We recommend not including any special instructions, as this will delay creation of the new course space.
  5. Once you are satisfied with the new course space ("Course C"), you can delete the "Course B" space. Please see Illinois Compass 2g, Canvas, Instructors, Delete a Requested Space
If "Course B" already has student work in it, the Instructor will need to contact the Technology Services Help Desk with the following information (for both "Course A" and "Course B"):