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How do I setup my Exchange email on my mobile device?

There are various options for connecting your mobile device to your Exchange account. The most prominent are the Outlook mobile apps (Outlook for Android or Outlook for iOS), the built-in mail clients, and various third-party mail apps. Our recommendation is that people use the Outlook mobile apps as they utilize modern authentication and provide a common set of features. 

Many built-in mail clients and third-party mail apps that use basic authentication protocols (including most implementations of IMAP and Exchange ActiveSync) will no longer connect to our Exchange system and are not supported by our service team.  Note: ActiveSync will stop working after April 15, 2022. For affected mobile devices, we recommend deleting your mail profile and re-creating using the instructions found below for your device.

Microsoft has provided a useful, interactive page to help set-up Office apps and email on mobile devices which can be found here.

General settings are included below:

While each device tends to vary, it all starts with adding the account. You have to either be on a wireless network or be willing to use mobile data during setup.

Once you get to your device’s ‘add Exchange account’, use these settings if they ask for them (your device might not):


Settings -> Accounts -> Add account-> Microsoft Exchange 

FYI: Your mail clients may present a warning of all the possible policy features that could be placed onto your device when setting up your account. The University of Illinois Exchange system does not enable any of these features other than allowing you to remotely wipe your own device through Outlook on the Web (OWA). For more information about Remote Wipe and Admin Access, please see solution 62869: Email, Exchange, Mobile Device Remote Wipe and Admin Access


Settings -> Mail -> Accounts

May also be under Settings > Mail > Passwords & Accounts

Tap Add Account, then select your email provider (Microsoft Exchange)

After entering your email address, you will be given the option to 'Configure Manually' or 'Sign In'. Choose the 'Sign In' option to be taken to the Illinois login page. You will need to verify using 2FA (Two Factor Authentication) if enrolled.

If setting up via IMAP (email only) 

If your mail client supports IMAP with modern authentication, you may be able to connect it to your Exchange mailbox. Please understand that IMAP does not provide calendar information or all of your mailbox subfolders. 

Use these settings to connect with IMAP:

To learn more about IMAP see article IMAP Access to Exchange.

Not officially supported

Between the Android and iOS, there are many mail apps available that may utilize modern authentication. Due to the many combinations of apps and devices, the Technology Services Support Team (and likely other departments' support teams as well) cannot test or provide in-depth support for them. The Technology Services Support Team officially supports the Outlook mobile apps.