Office 365, Email, Exchange, Creating a Resource/Group Mailbox in Exchange and AD

For IT Pros Follow these steps to create a UOFI Active Directory resource account and mailbox


To request a resource mailbox:

  1. Decide which type of resource mailbox you want. The three types are as follows:
  • User Mailbox: Operates as a normal mailbox. Good for shared access.
  • Room Mailbox: has additional booking features available through webmail and is listed as type "Room" in the Global Address List.
  • Equipment Mailbox: has additional booking features available through webmail and is listed as type "Equipment" in the Global Address List.

Note: If you need more information regarding Room / Equipment mailboxes see Office 365, Email, Exchange, Understanding Room and Equipment (Resource) Mailboxes in Exchange    

  1. Create an object in your UOFI OU that will be associated with your resource. Name this object in accordance with the following rules:
  • An object name must be nine characters or longer and/or contain a hyphen so it does not conflict with a NetID.
  • An object name may not have spaces. (Hyphens are a recommended substitute for spaces.)
  • An object name SHOULD adhere to the format of dept-building-resource or dept-resource.
  • Examples include: TechSvc-DCL-L532, TechSvc-dcl-l410projector, etc.
  1. Create a group in your OU that will contain user objects and be granted full mailbox access over the resource object. For example, if your resource object is named tech svc-dcl-l410, your group should be named tech svc-dcl-l410-FA, or similar. The FA represents fullaccess.
  2. Populate the group with the user objects you wish to have full control over this object.
  3. Send an email to and request that your resource account be mailbox-enabled and that the group that you have created be given full control to that mailbox. Please be sure to specify the type of resource (user, room, equipment, or undergrad) that you would like created. Please note that all resource accounts have email addresses unless otherwise requested. If you want an alias you need to request it via . Once the alias is created Exchange can update the primary SMTP to have a proper address . The requester will want to make sure the alias points to the address in the Electronic Directory.

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