Networking, Wireless FAQs

This page provides answers to frequently asked questions about wireless technology in general and IllinoisNet Wireless in particular.

Why doesn't my network card ever reach its maximum speed?

In everyday use, conditions will rarely allow a user to reach the theoretical maximum speed advertised by network card makers.

One frequent cause of this problem is if your wireless network drivers are out of date. However, neither your operating system's nor your laptop's manufacturer are likely to have drivers that are as up-to-date as the manufacturer of your specific wireless network card.

See Networking, Wireless, Updating card drivers on Windows for more information and links to help you correct this problem.

Campus Wireless questions

Which wireless standard does IllinoisNet Wireless use?

To be compatible with the IllinoisNet wireless network, your wireless card must use the 802.11a, 802.11b, 802.11g, 802.11n, or 802.11ac wireless standard.

Can I add additional security or authentication to IllinoisNet Wireless?

Since IllinoisNet Wireless and the campus VPN provide equivalent levels of access, you don't need to add the campus VPN to an IllinoisNet Wireless connection.

Some departments may run their own additional VPN systems. Check with your department's IT professionals to see whether your department runs a VPN and whether you can access it through IllinoisNet Wireless.

What user name and password do I use with IllinoisNet Wireless ?

If you are a University student, faculty, or staff member, you should use your NetID as your user name and your Active Directory password for your password.

If you are a guest or visitor, you can get temporary access to IllinoisNet_Guest. More details are available here:  Networking, Wireless, IllinoisNet_Guest, Guest and Visitor access

Campus Wireless seems slower than my desktop connection. Why?

You are sharing the speed of the wireless access point with all the other people who are using the same access point. Therefore, you may have less bandwidth available to you personally on the wireless network than your desktop computer will have in its fixed location.

I want a wireless access point in my office / lab / etc. How do I get one?

Talk to your local IT Pro. Your IT Pro will need to talk to Technology Services.

May I have a wireless router, printer, or hotspot in my dorm room?

According to: wireless routers, wireless hotspots, and wireless printers are not allowed.

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