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This page provides information about the University of Illinois' eduroam offering. eduroam is a secured wireless network offered at many universities worldwide.


The eduroam service is intended for lightweight guest access to the University's network. As such it does not support the full range of Internet services the regular campus network does. Long-term guests are encouraged to obtain guest credentials for IllinoisNet: Guests, Visitors' Guide .

Services available through eduroam include:

  • Email (standard and secure)
  • Web pages (standard and secure)
  • Secure network connections with Virtual Private Networking (VPN) options
  • Secure connections to other systems with Secure Shell (SSH) and Secure File Transfer Protocol (SFTP)
  • Remote Windows desktop access (RDP)


The current list of allowed ports/protocols is:

  • Standard IPSec VPN (for remote access):
    • IP protocols 50 (ESP) and 51 (AH), both inbound and outbound;
    • UDP/500 (IKE) outbound only.
  • OpenVPN 2.0:
    • UDP/1194.
  • IPsec NAT-Traversal:
    • UDP/4500.
  • Cisco IPSec VPN over TCP:
    • TCP/10000 outbound only.
    • IP protocol 47 (GRE) inbound and outbound
    • TCP/1723 outbound only.
  • SSH (for secure connections):
    • TCP/22 outbound only.
  • HTTP (for web pages):
    • TCP/80 outbound only.
  • HTTPS (for secure web pages):
    • TCP/443 outbound only.
  • IMAP2+4 (for email):
    • TCP/143 outbound only.
  • IMAP3 (for email):
    • TCP/220 outbound only.
  • IMAPS (for secure email):
    • TCP/993 outbound only.
  • POP (for email):
    • TCP/110 outbound only.
  • POP3S (for secure email):
    • TCP/995 outbound only.
  • Passive (S)FTP (for file transfer):
    • TCP/21 outbound only.
  • SMTPS (for email):
    • TCP/465 outbound only.
  • SMTP submits with STARTTLS (for email):
    • TCP/587 outbound only.
  • RDP (for remote desktop):
    • TCP/3389 outbound only.

This list corresponds to the minimal set of services encouraged by the eduroam confederation. The availability of any service to users of the eduroam service is at the sole discretion of Technology Services.

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