VPN, Off-Campus Customers

This page contains information about the benefits of the campus Virtual Private Networking (VPN) system for users of off-campus networks, both wired and wireless.


Certain campus network services will provide full access only to computers that have a campus IP address, and the number of services with restrictions will continue to grow. The VPN system is the only way for off-campus users connecting through third-party ISP connections to gain an on-campus networking identity, in the form of an on-campus IP address, in order to access these restricted services.

When you will need a campus IP address to access campus services

If the machine you are trying to connect to has been placed under partial or complete campus firewall restrictions, you will be able to access it only when your machine identifies itself as part of the UIUCnet network. That means either being on campus and using campus-provided connections, or using the VPN system with a third-party ISP connection.

When you won't need a campus IP address to access campus services

You can access the most common campus services, such as Google Apps @ Illinois, Microsoft Exchange's web interface, public web servers, and Shibboleth-protected pages, without a campus IP address.

When you may need more assistance to connect

Sometimes, using the VPN system will not completely eliminate your remote access problem. In this case, contact your network administrator or system administrator to ask for the VPN system's IP addresses to be added to the list of permitted IP addresses, and to clear up any details regarding any possible additional authentication requirements expected by that system.

If you have a firewall and/or a cable modem between your location and the VPN system, you may have some additional difficulties making a VPN connection. If you need assistance connecting to the VPN, please contact the Help Desk.

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