Guests, Short-Term Network Accounts FAQ

This page contains information about short-term network guest accounts.

This page answers the most frequently asked questions about the use of guest accounts in conjunction with Campus WiFi and the campus VPN. For a more detailed overview, see Short-Term Network Guest Accounts and VPN Access.

I'm on the Urbana-Champaign campus. How do I get on the Campus WiFi?

Visitors can self register to use Campus WiFi by connecting to the IllinoisNet_Guest SSID and following the directions near the bottom of the page to register. This grants access until 4AM the next days, and can be renewed every day.

Any student, staff, or faculty member at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign can create up to ten short-term accounts for three days for their personal guests to use the IllinoisNet_Guest SSID. These short term accounts grant the same access as a self-sponsored account. 

Authorized departmental representatives can create up to 1000 departmental sponsored guest accounts which have access to the IllinoisNet SSID and varying durations of up to one month. If you are attending a campus conference which requires access to the IllinoisNet SSID, your conference organizer will be responsible for creating and distributing guest accounts that are valid for the duration of your conference.

If created by a departmental representative, your guest account name will resemble guest1#. Your password will be automatically generated by the Wireless Guest and Device Management Portal. If you lose or forget your password, ask the person who created your account to log in to the web interface and generate a new password for you.

I'm hosting guests for a few days. How do I create guest accounts?

What access will my account have?

You can use a self registered visitor account on IllinoisNet_Guest to access the Internet and some campus resources.

You can use a personal guest account on IllinoisNet_Guest to access the Internet and some campus resources.

You can use a departmental sponsored guest account on IllinoisNet_Guest to access the Internet and some campus resources, on IllinoisNet to access the Internet and many campus resources, or connect to the campus VPN.

What information will you need to provide about your guest(s)?

The guest account creation form will ask for the following information:

  • The number of accounts to create
  • The name(s) of your guest(s)
  • The date on which the account(s) should be activated (typically the current day, though you can select another)
  • How long the account(s) should remain active (typically three days, though designated registrars can create accounts with longer durations)

I'm having problems getting my guest account to work. Who should I contact?

For a self registered visitor account contact the  Technology Services Help Desk.

For a personal or departmental sponsored guest account you should contact the individual who gave you your guest account. He or she can log in to the Wireless Guest and Device Management Portal to check to see if your login has expired or contact the  Technology Services Help Desk to see if Technology Services Security has needed to disable your account.

Technology Services Security may disable a guest account if your guest's computer is infected with a virus or if he/she is found to be violating the Campus Acceptable Use Policy or Terms of Use.

Important: Before creating a new guest account for a user who has been disabled by Technology Services Security, you should contact the Technology Services Help Desk to determine what the cause of the problem was and how to correct it. If your guests continue to cause security problems, Technology Services Security will disable your ability to create new guest accounts.

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