U of I Box, Logging in to Box services

Which password is used to log into U of I Box? Can I use Two Factor Authentication (2FA)?

    Single Sign-on Support for Box Services

    Box resources which support single sign-on (SSO) with your NetID and AD password will require using those credentials to authenticate. These resources include Box Web, Box Mobile, and Box Sync. SSO-enabled resources do not accept Box External passwords for authentication.

    You may access U of I Box Web using the following methods:

    If you access U of I Box through the Box Mobile app or Box Sync or Box Drive desktop applications, select the "Use Single Sign On (SSO)" option.  This is located just below the "Log In" button. Then enter your email address NetID@illinois.edu then click on Log In. Select your campus and use your NetID and Active Directory password.

    Managing your Box external password for FTP and WebDAV

      SSO is not available when accessing Box via SFTP or WebDAV. You will need to create a Box External password to supplement your SSO login. You can do so by visiting https://app.box.com/settings and selecting Create External Password. This password can be used for external applications that do not support SSO.

      If you need to reset your external password, you can use the password reset function at https://uofi.app.box.com/login/reset.  Note this does not affect your NetID password, only your Box external password needed for Box interfaces which don't support SSO.

      See U of I Box, Using Box with FTP or FTPS for more information.

      Box and Two-Factor Authentication

      The university is continuing its efforts to protect valuable assets and access by requiring Two Factor Authentication (2FA) on more systems and services in fall 2018. 

      See Technology Services at Illinois, 2FA for details.