NetID Claim, How to Claim for Students

The following instructions will explain how new students can claim their NetID

In order to claim your NetID, you will need your UIN and activation code given to you by University Admissions or the Graduate College.

 NOTE: Your screens / options will vary slightly based on whether you are an undergraduate, graduate student, or affiliate. 

  1. The website to claim your NetID can be found at 

  2. Enter your UIN and click "continue"


  3. Enter your activation code.

    You may be prompted to use your NetID recovery options if you have set them before.

    Graduate and Undergraduate Students

      NetID claim welcome page

  4. You will now be asked to set your recovery options in the event that you forget or need to reset your password. Once you have finished entering at least one password recovery option, click on "Continue".

    NetID claim step 1 after welcome page, set recovery options

  5. You will now be asked to set your password. As you type your desired password, green check marks will indicate that your password meets the security requirements (Identity Management, Requirements for Acceptable Passwords ).

    NetID Claim step 2, where you set your password. Now shows 12 char requirement

  6. The final screen will confirm that you have successfully completed the NetID claim process. Grad students will need to also set up 2-factor authentication at the NetID Center in order to access your email account.

    Undergrad completion screen:
    Completion screen for undergrads

    Grad student completion screen:
    Completion screen for grad students (next step, enroll in 2FA)