Campus Mailing Lists, Change the reply options

How do I change the reply options in a list?

In order to change the reply options of their campus mailing list, the owner or editor of the list must log in to the list web interface at Once logged in, the owner should do the following:
  1. Select the list they want to change. Then select "Admin" from the menu on the left.
  2. Click on the "Edit List Config" tab.  
  3. Find the Reply Address section.  List owners will see a number of options to choose from in the "value" drop down menu.  Clicking "Help" in that section will pop up an explanation of each option.
Text of the pop up:

Reply address (reply_to_header):
The reply_to_header parameter starts a paragraph defining what Sympa will place in the Reply-To: SMTP header field of the messages it distributes.

  • value sender | list | all | other_email (Default value: sender)

    This parameter indicates whether the Reply-To: field should indicate the sender of the message (sender), the list itself (list), both list and sender (all) or an arbitrary e-mail address (defined by the other_email parameter).

    Note: it is inadvisable to change this parameter, and particularly inadvisable to set it to list. Experience has shown it to be almost inevitable that users, mistakenly believing that they are replying only to the sender, will send private messages to a list. This can lead, at the very least, to embarrassment, and sometimes to more serious consequences.

  • other_email an_email_address

    If value was set to other_email, this parameter defines the e-mail address used.

  • apply respect | forced (Default value: respect)

    The default is to respect (preserve) the existing Reply-To: SMTP header field in incoming messages. If set to forced, Reply-To: SMTP header field will be overwritten.

See the user docs for screenshots and all available options:

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