Networking, QuickConnect Permitted Ports

This page contains information about networking ports and services that are allowed through QuickConnect.

The following ports are open for use by QuickConnect users:

Protocol Purpose Port
SSH, SCP, SFTP Secure shell & secure file transfer 22/tcp
Mail (SMTP) Sending email 25/tcp
DNS Domain Name Server 53/tcp & udp
HTTP Web pages 80/tcp
NTP Clock synchronizing 123/tcp & udp
HTTPS Secure web pages 443/tcp
Secure SMTP Sending email 465/tcp
IPSEC Virtual Private Networking 500/udp
LPR Printing 515/tcp
AFP Apple Filing Protocol 548/tcp
NNTPS Secure network news 563/tcp
Submission Sending email 587/tcp
IPP Internet Printing Protocol 631/tcp
Secure IMAP Secure email 993/tcp
Secure POP Secure email 995/tcp
OpenVPN Virtual Private Networking 1194/tcp & udp
L2TP, L2F Virtual Private Networking 1701/udp
PPTP Virtual Private Networking 1723/tcp
MSN MSN Instant Messenger 1863/tcp
RTMP Streaming audio/video 1935/tcp
RDP Windows Remote Desktop 3389/tcp
AIM AOL Instant Messenger 5190/tcp
XMPP XMPP Instant messaging 5222/tcp, 5223/tcp
VNC VNC remote desktop 5900/tcp
Alternate HTTP Web pages 8080/tcp

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