Email, Spam Control, How to create a blocked senders list

I would like to know how to use Spam Control to block specific email addresses so that I don't receive email from them.

If you repeatedly receive spam in your University Email account from the same senders, you can add those senders to a "Blocked Senders List" and prevent yourself from receiving any future messages from them. A Blocked Senders list contains addresses of people or mailing lists from whom you do not wish to receive any email.

Use the Web Interface:

After you log in to the Web Interface, follow these steps to add senders to your personal "Blocked Senders List":

  1. Click Lists on the left side of the window 
  2. Select Blocked Senders List
  3. Then click New and add a Blocked Sender to the list. The procedure is the same for your Safe Senders List.
    • You can also complete this action by opening a recent daily End User Digest email in your email account's inbox, sent from: ''