UC, Lync 2013, Set General Options on Lync 2013 for iPad

On this page, you can learn how to set options that specify how your Lync 2013 for iPad handles calls, meetings, contacts, accessibility, etc.

Use options to specify calls, meetings, contact options, accessibility, and overall settings like Help. Depending on how your Lync account is configured, some of these options may be turned off. Contact your local IT Pro or CUC for more information.

Calls and meetings

Phone Number

Enter your mobile number with country and region codes. When Wi-Fi or a data network (if you have a SIM card for your iPad) isn’t available to join a meeting, Lync calls you back at this number to connect you to the audio portion of the Lync call.

  1. From the left, tap the first icon to get to the My Info screen. From the My Info screen, tap Options.
  2. On the Options screen, under Calls and Meeting, tap Phone Number, and then enter your mobile phone number including the country/region and area code.

My Credentials

By default, the My Credentials option is turned on to show all your meeting and voice mail information on Lync.

The Exchange setting lets you enter credentials if Exchange credentials are separate from your Lync settings. If they’re the same, keep the Use Lync Credentials switch set to ON. You need Exchange credentials to show meetings and voice mail.

HTTP Proxy settings are needed if your campus network has a proxy that requires credentials setup. You’ll need to enter this information to sign in and use the application on your campus Wi-Fi.  Contact your local IT Pro for more information.



  • To show or hide pictures of your contacts, tap ON or OFF.



Text telephone (TTY) mode is used to send text over a telephone line. A TTY device must be connected to the iPad to interpret the modified audio. Otherwise, you might experience poor audio quality. Using TTY mode in a conference call might also cause audio quality issues.

By default, TTY mode is turned off. Tap ON to turn it on.



Logs are used by system administrators to collect, analyze, and save data. A system administrator might ask you to turn on the logging options to do troubleshooting. If you’re not asked, you don’t need to be concerned about this option.

To turn on logging, do the following:

  1. From the left, tap the first icon to get to the My Info screen. From the My Info screen, tap Options.
  2. On the Options screen, under Other, tap Logging, and then tap the slider to ON.

Upload Sign-in Errors

If you receive a sign-in error message, you can send the sign-in logs to Microsoft by selecting one of these options.

Always: Always upload sign-in logs on error.

Never: Never upload sign-in logs.

Ask Me: Prompt user every time to upload logs when there is a sign-in error to upload logs.

Send Log file

To send error logs to your support team, tap Send Log files, and enter your support team’s email address.


  • Tap Help to view help topics and videos.


  1. Tap My Info, and then tap Options.
  2. On the Options screen, under Other, tap About to view version information, terms of use, and the privacy statement.

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