Skype for Business, Response Group and Active Directory Group Membership Updates

I use an Active Directory group to manage agents for a Response Group. How long does it take for a newly added group member to be reflected in Skype for Business?

It takes about an hour for Active Directory (AD) group membership updates to be reflected in Skype for Business.


Active Directory groups that are email enabled may be referred to as Distribution Lists (DL).


Note: All accounts added to the group have to have Skype for Business Enterprise Voice (EV) account, this normally entails a phone number and calling plan. Lync-to-Lync, VoIP-to-VoIP only accounts cannot be agents for Response Groups, and should not be added to such a group. Adding accounts that are not Enterprise Voice enabled can negatively impact the updating of all response groups that use Active Directory groups. If the system administrators encounter problems with invalid accounts in a group/distribution list, they may remove your use of groups from the response group, and ask that all changes be requested through Technology Services Help-Desk, so accounts can be validated.