Skype for Business, Private Lines

On this page, you can find University-specific documentation about how to install and use voice over IP devices (VoIP phones) with Unified Communications systems, Skype for Business.


Several campus users have private lines that only a select few know. These numbers are used to reach the individual users directly, bypassing any administrative assistants who field their calls on their published numbers. Skype for Business has the ability to give users a second, private line in addition to their primary line.

In order to start using your new UC Voice services, you have to be enabled with a Skype for Business account. Find out about your account status at My UC. Log in with your NetID and AD password. If you can log in to the web interface, you'll see information about your account status, including whether or not you are Skype for Business enabled and what your primary and private Skype for Business phone numbers are.

If you can't log in to this interface, you can contact the Technology Services Help Desk for assistance in learning your account status.


General Characteristics of Private Lines

Suggested Configuration

A user with a private line would configure the following in Skype for Business

  1. Add their administrative assistant(s) as their delegate(s). This can be done via Windows Skype for Business client under Tools -> Call Forwarding -> Edit my delegate members
  2. Configure Skype for Business to forward calls to their delegate(s)

Configuration Behavior

Use Cases

User has a private (unpublished) number and ALL calls are screened by administrative assistants

User has a private (unpublished) number and MOST calls are screened by administrative assistants