Identity Management, Deactivation, Services available after Graduation

What services do I get after graduating?

Here's what you need to know to make sure your important files and software come with you after you leave the University of Illinois.

What happens and why?

To protect our network, we remove the student status from the NetIDs of all undergraduates, graduate students, and professional students. Your student status will be removed one year after you leave the University. All of your crucial services - email, software, Library access, computer lab access - are tied to your NetID and your status as a student. You can continue to use all of your services until your student status is removed.

Services that continue beyond graduation

Graduating seniors, graduate students, and professional students can continue to use these services:

PLEASE NOTE: If you are leaving the University without graduating, your email forwarding will end after 1 year.

Services that expire after graduation

Once your student affiliation has expired, you will not be able to use these services. Please note that your student affiliation will expire approximately 1 year after your last registered semester, regardless of your graduation date. For example, if you last registered for classes in the fall of 2019 but your graduation date was summer 2020, your affiliation will end in fall 2020. 

Planning ahead

  • Set your password recovery options in the NetID Center
    • You will need to keep your password updated to access services.
  • Set up email forwarding
    • Once your student status is removed, you will no longer be able to log into your university email account. However, you can still be reached at your address if you set up forwarding to an outside address. Download or forward any important emails that you may need before you lose your student status. Thirty days after student status is removed from your account, your Exchange mailbox will be destroyed and any mail within it will be permanently lost.
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  • Download any programs and save keys from your Webstore purchases
    • Before your student affiliation expires, buy, download, and migrate what you can right now. Perpetual license software will continue to work, but you should make a copy of your software and record access keys/codes now.

Contact the Technology Services Help Desk at or 217.244.7000 with further questions about services.

What happens if I leave without graduating?

If you leave the university without graduating, you will lose your student affiliation and all of the services associated with it. In addition, you will not receive email forwarding for life (this is a benefit only for degree recipients). 

For more information about non-degree students access, please see Leaving Campus, When are accounts deactivated for non-registered students or those who didn't graduate?.