RightFax, Transitioning from a Standard Fax Machine to RightFax

This page contains information about transitioning existing campus land line (Centrex) fax services to RightFax, a server-based fax solution for creating, sending, receiving, and managing faxes directly from a user’s desktop computer.

Departments need to submit a Pinnacle Service Request to request a RightFax account be associated with the existing Centrex line.  For instructions on completing the Pinnacle Request, please go to go.illinois.edu/PinnacleQuick

At the time the request is processed, a temporary number will be issued.  There will be a bridge period between the time we assign the RightFax account and when we port the Centrex number to the RightFax vendor telephone company. 

During the bridge period, the Centrex line will remain active and will need to be forwarded to the RightFax temporary number in order to receive faxes through RightFax.  Faxes can be sent from RightFax even if the Centrex line is not forwarded to the temporary number.  Additionally faxes can be sent from the Centrex line even after the line is forwarded to the temporary number.  The Centrex line will be automatically disconnected once the number is ported.

Call Forwarding

Once your RightFax account is configured, the existing campus land line (Centrex) number can be forwarded to your temporary RightFax number.  To activate call forwarding, perform these steps on your existing campus land line (Centrex):

  1. Lift the handset
  2. Listen for the dial tone
  3. Dial 106
  4. Listen for the recall dial tone
  5. Dial the campus number to which calls are to be forwarded in the format: 9-xxx-xxxx (where the x's indicates your 7-digit temporary RightFax number)
  6. Listen for confirmation tone
  7. Hang up.

To cancel call forwarding from your existing campus land line (Centrex):

  1. Lift the handset
  2. Listen for the dial tone
  3. Dial 107
  4. Listen for confirmation code
  5. Hang up.

While call forwarding is activated, incoming faxes will be directed to your RightFax account.  However, your existing stand-alone fax equipment may still be used to send outgoing faxes.

Monthly Recurring Charges

During the Bridge Period, the $ 22.60 monthly recurring charge for the campus land line (Centrex) line associated with your RightFax account will be waived.  The $8.00 monthly recurring charge for a RightFax account will be applied at the time of the account creation.  If a RightFax account that is associated to a campus land line (Centrex) line is deactivated before the end of bridge period, your campus land line (Centrex) monthly recurring charge will be reinstated. 

Number Porting

Since the telecommunications vendor for RightFax is different than the telecommunications vendor for campus land line (Centrex) services, existing campus land line (Centrex) telephone numbers need to be ported from one telecommunications vendor to another.  Communications regarding the impact and the affected services will be distributed once the porting date is scheduled.

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