ATLAS Gradebook - Adding assignment to assignment category

Learn how to add an assignment to an assignment category in ATLAS Gradebook.

Inside Assignment Categories, we deal with the actual Assignments.

Let's start where we left off in our Assignment Category tutorial.

Below, we can see our "Quizzes"  Assignment Category

hit the assignments button

To Add, Edit, or View Assignments in an Assignment Category, click the Assignments button with the pencil icon. 

You'll now see the Assignment table for the selected Assignment Category.

hit the add assignment button

Since we don't have any assignments in the Quizzes Assignment Category yet, let's go ahead and add one!

Click on the "Add Assignment" button to view the Add New Assignment dialog box.  

enter information and hit save

So, we can see we've only got a couple of options here. 

To add a new assignment we must enter the Name and Maximum Points for the assignment (both fields required.)

And from there, we can either Save to add a new assignment or cancel to discard.

Here, I've entered "Quiz 1" for the Name,"20" for the Maximum Points, and pressed the Save button.

Once we Save the new assignment, we can see it in our assignment table for the selected assignment category.

from left to right the buttons are: edit, view scores, scale assignment, and delete. descriptions below.

From the assignment table, we can see "Quiz 1" and the "20" Maximum Points we entered. 

Also, I've got a few more options from this screen:

  1. Edit - pulls up the same dialog box that we filled out when we originally added the assignment.
  2. View Scores - allows viewing and editing of scores for assignment (after scores get imported).
  3. Scale Assignment - allows viewing and editing of grade scaling established for assignment. 
  4. Delete - removes assignment from assignment category. 


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