BDM 8.5/Xtender - Instructions for MSI and Component Installation or Removal

Instructions for installing or removing Xtender desktop components from a user's machine.

Interactive Viewer and Other Application Xtender Web Access . NET (WX-WebXtender) Components

Version 7, Patch 2 of the Interactive Viewer is the most current version, deployed August 2, 2015. The software comes with a new Interactive Viewer ActiveX control for viewing documents in Internet Explorer (IE). The viewer must be installed by a user who has administrator privileges on their workstation, otherwise, the installation will not be successful. Existing Xtender users may install version 7.0 alongside previous versions; they will coexist safely. Administrators can use the MSI for installing Xtender Desktop Components link to install the Interactive Viewer (IRCviewer) and the following additional components as a package:
  • Component Check used to determine what BDMS-Xtender components are loaded
  • Adobe (PDFL) Printing components for viewing and printing PDF files.
  • KeyView component required for rendering foreign files.
  • Scanning component required for interactive control.
  • SpellChecking Component for spell checking annotations.

Component Check

Administrators may also install or remove individual components from the Xtender Components list using Component Check. To do this, launch Xtender and go to Help>Check Installed Components.
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The Component Check will appear that will display all installed components. Select the install component icon next to the component that needs to be installed to launch the install process.

Installed Components

Adobe (PDFL) printing components for PDF files

PDF files are files in a proprietary Adobe format. Application Xtender stores PDF files in their native format. You must download the ApplicationXtender Web Access Adobe Component to view PDF documents in their native format in ApplicationXtender Web Access. When PDF files are displayed in their native format, the contents of the PDF file appears in the document viewer in Document Display view, even if you do not have the Verity KeyView Viewer enabled for foreign files. You can also perform all of the export functions (such as printing, faxing, exporting, and e-mailing). While using these export functions, you may be able to hide annotations on a PDF file, depending on the privileges assigned to your user account. 

Note: You must download the ApplicationXtender Web Access Adobe Component in the Installed Components list in order to print PDF documents. See Component Check above to verify if you have this component installed.

KeyView Viewer

The KeyView Viewer allows users to view the content of some foreign files in AppXtender. The appearance of a foreign file in the KeyView viewer is similar to but not exactly the same as its appearance in its native viewer. As soon as the content of the file appears, you can launch its native software program from the Page menu and then edit the file.

Note: The KeyView Viewer does not support Visio files.

Scanning component required for interactive control

For you to access Application Xtender Scanning Component scanning functionality during an Application Xtender Web Access session, ApplicationXtender Web Access must be configured to use the IRC viewer. To verify this, access the Interactive Viewer tab on the Application Xtender Web Access Settings window and look at the Enable Interactive Viewer setting. If the check box is not selected, select it and then select Save.

After verifying that the IRC viewer is the selected viewer, access Document Display view. To do this, run a query against an application and then select to view one of the documents in the query result set. The Interactive Client viewer appears in Document Display view on the Application Xtender Web Access user desktop.

When scanning is enabled, the Application Xtender Scanning Component Scan toolbar appears below the Annotation toolbar in Application Xtender Web Access Document Display view.

If the Scan toolbar is hidden, that means scanning is current disabled. To enable scanning, from the Document Display view menu, select View>Enable scanning.

The Scan toolbar consists of three buttons: Scan, Rescan, and Scanner Settings. If the Scan button is grayed out, that means you need to select a scanner type. Availability of the Rescan button is controlled by the scanner type.

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