Banner Workflow - (UIS) Mainflow Online and Graduate Initial Program Reviewer Instructions

This document provides instruction for the Initial Program Reviewer for Online and Graduate Programs.

Decisions: Decisions should be made prior to the start of the term for which the applicant has applied. Once the term has started or a decision other than Admit has been made, the applicant will be required to complete a new application and pay another application fee.

If the transaction needs routed back to Admissions for questions, select Yes, on the Route back to Admissions drop down and include your question in the Program Comments.

Conditions - Entered in the Program Conditions box (if changed from default "no conditions") uploads to the Comments tab on their application in Banner).

Advisor Assignment - to assign an advisor, toggle Assign Advisor1 dropdown to Yes, select Advisor from Advisor1 dropdown. Use Banner to assign the advisor if advisors already exist.

Requery Data - to requery the data on the custom form, flag as Yes. This will take a couple of minutes to return to your worklist.

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