Illinois Compass 2g, Moving Content into Illinois Compass 2g

This page contains information about moving content from a previous Illinois Compass 2g space into a new Illinois Compass 2g course space.

Moved content presents a variety of concerns for the Compass 2g user including broken links, invalid files, and other problems, but the good news is that all of these can be remedied. We'll start with one of the most common problems, the invalid file:

Invalid File

The Problem: You have a new Compass 2g space with content moved from a previous Compass course. All of your files appear to available on your Course Content page, but students complain that they can't open some of them. They're getting messages such as "Invalid File" or "Access Denied" or "Plug in Required."

What's Wrong: Moving disrupts the pathways that connect files to their stored locations. The file name is there and the content is there, but they need to be reconnected.

How to Fix it:

  1. Enter your Compass 2g course space and go to your Course Content page. In this example, the course content page is called Chem 522 Homepage.
    Course Homepage

  2. Locate the file needing to be fixed. In this example, we'll be fixing the Chem 522 Syllabus. Click on the action arrow and choose Edit from the pull-down menu. Action Arrow

  3. A new window will open. Click on Select a Different File (1) and Browse Content Collection (2). You're going to be looking for this file which was stored in the Content Collection when it was copied from your old space. Browse Content Collection

  4. Locate the Syllabus .pdf file from among all the files stored in your Content Collection. Keep in mind that files are often embedded inside folders you created in your old File Manager. Mark the radio button next to the Syllabus, and click Submit.


  5. Doing this effectively reconnects the pathway from the Syllabus to where the file content is stored. You'll see the Syllabus path appear in the window. For good measure, we also recommend marking Yes for the item to Open in New Window. Now your students should have no trouble opening and viewing this file!

Moving Content

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