FormBuilder - How to Process IPay Refund

FormBuilder forms that capture payments from users, will invariably result in the need to process refunds through IPay. This document explains the process of requesting a refund through IPay and then reconciling the refund in FormBuilder Admin.

To process a refund for an IPay credit card payment captured through FormBuilder, please follow the steps listed below.

Processing a credit card refund is a two-step process.  

1.  First merchant card services needs to be contacted with payment information in order for them to redirect the money back to the card holder.  If Merchant Card Services is not contacted, the money will not be directed back to the cardholder.  

2.  Once the money has been refunded by IPay, the transaction should be marked as refunded in FormBuilder to accurately depict the payment history of the transaction.

These steps are illustrated in more detail below.

1. Contact Merchant Card Services ( and provide them the IPay transaction ID and token, and amount to be refunded. They will take care of redirecting the money back to the cardholder.  The image below shows an example of an email that needs to be sent to Merchant Card Services.

Merchant Card Service Refund Email Example

1a.  IPay Transaction ID and Token can be found through Response Data Number of Responses.

Manage Form Responses

1b.  Navigate to Number of Responses

number of responses

1c.  Search on Last Name by typing in the last name in the Search field...once transaction is found on the Payment Console, access the payment details by clicking Details.

input name to find payment

Payment Console

1d.  Navigate to View Full Payment History located under Payments.

Full Payment History

Navigate to the section entitled "Transactions." Click on IPay to expand and view Transaction Details.   The  IPay token and transaction ID to email to Merchant Card are located under IPay information.  .

IPay Information

Payment Details

2.  Once Merchant Card Services has emailed back that the money has been refunded.  An admin needs to go back into Payment Details for the given transaction and mark it as refunded, so that the Payment Console for the given form accurately reflects the payment history.  Find the given transaction in Payment Details, and mark it as refunded.

2a.  Return to the section entitled "Transactions." Click on IPay to expand and view Transaction Details.


2b. Enter notes about the refund details and click the red Save.


Refund Payment Notes

2c. Once Saved, your transaction has been marked as refunded within the payment console and accurately depicts the payment history of the transaction.

refund complete

Payment Refunded

If you have any questions, contact AITS FormBuilder at


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