U of I Box, How to Create a Box Team Folder

How do I create a Box Team Folder?

More information on Team Folders: U of I Box, Information and Requesting Shared Team Folders

Requests for Team Folders can be emailed to consult@illinois.edu.

For IT Pros who would like access to this tool: Help Desk, Help Desk Tools Access Program

Required information:

Creating a team folder:

  1. Using the required information from above, log in to https://box-tools.techservices.illinois.edu/
  2. Enter in the group name and the folder name.
  3. For the steward section, enter their @illinois.edu email and let the tool determine if the person has a Box account. If there is more than 1 steward, click the add more stewards button and repeat.
    1. If the user is not found, then they need to set up their Box account. See U of I Box, Getting Started
  4. Once all the information is entered, press Create Team Folder. It will run through the creation process on the right and when successful it will send an email to the stewards.

team folder example