Centrex, Retirement

What departments can expect in regards to Centrex retirement

Technology Services is entering the next phase of the Centrex retirement project.


This phase involves identifying suitable alternative services for customers with specific needs not currently met by Lync or RightFax.  While the Centrex retirement team has transitioned most lines to Lync or RightFax, some lines have not yet been moved over. These lines will be moved when a new service has been implemented to receive them.


All Centrex customers have articulated how they use their lines and the plan to migrate each line has been mapped out. All lines that are used for secure faxing will be moved to a new fax service, once the new service has been implemented. All lines that use analog equipment will be moved to an analog solution, once the new service has been implemented.

What we are doing

  1. Analog Equipment:  We are in the process of  implementing an alternative analog connectivity service. Excepting those Centrex lines used for faxing, all remaining Centrex lines will be transitioned. Customers will be able to keep their telephone numbers.

  2. Faxing with Sensitive Data: We are in the process of implementing an alternative fax service.  All remaining Centrex lines flagged as being used for sensitive data will be transitioned. Customers will be able to keep their telephone numbers.

  3. Replacing Point of Sale Devices: We are working with OBFS, which is in process of replacing point of sale devices that utilize the campus network.  Once that process is completed, phone lines will not be needed for this service.  OBFS will notify us of completion so that we can disconnect the unneeded Centrex lines.

 The original timeline for retiring the Centrex service is June 30, 2017.  Until we implement alternative services, however, Centrex lines used for the above purposes will not be transitioned and will remain functional. 


Since new service offerings will likely not be available before June 30, 2017, we will use the state-level Centrex contract for a temporary period until we have implemented suitable alternative services.  The state is also retiring Centrex, but their contract expires after the University contract. We do not expect that rates will change for campus departments.


What you can do


Ensure that the lines flagged as  “on hold” for your department are correct by running the Pinnacle Department Centrex Services report.  See information and instructions for running the Department Centrex Services report below.


If you no longer use these Centrex line(s), please submit a request to have them disconnected. You can find more information about disconnecting a Centrex line here: https://answers.uillinois.edu/illinois/page.php?id=48577.


If any of these “on hold”  lines should be converted to Lync or RightFax, please submit a request to have them moved to these services. You can find more information about requesting Lync or RightFax here: https://answers.uillinois.edu/illinois/page.php?id=48558.


Any changes need to be submitted by December 2, 2016.  After December 2, Centrex phone numbers will no longer be reused for Lync or RightFax.  All remaining active numbers will be moved to one of the alternate services, and only requests to disconnect a number will be accepted.


Running the Pinnacle Department Centrex Services Report

The Department Centrex Services reports shows the Centrex numbers associated with your ORG code that were put on hold during the Centrex Retirement department waves.

While the report does not provide the reason each line was put on hold; it does indicate whether there is an associated RightFax or Lync account.  Centrex lines with associated RightFax and Lync accounts will be ported to Windstream in February 2017.

To Run the Department Centrex Services report:

  • Log into Pinnacle
  • Click on the Reports menu item
  • Click on the Search action button
  • Click on the Department Centrex Services link

On the Report Profile page

  • Click on the Run action button
  • Select the ORG code to report on
  • Click on the Run action button

The report has 5 column headings:

  • ServiceNum - 10 digit Centrex number
  • DeptNum -  ORG code
  • UserName - Name department has provided - optional
  • RightFaxID - NetID or sAMAccountName of the RightFax account associated with the Centrex line.  If this field is blank, there is no RightFax account associated with the Centrex line.
  • LyncEnabled - Yes or No.  If No appears, there is no Lync account associated with the Centrex Line.

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