Networking, Wireless, Setup IllinoisNet using IllinoisNet_Guest on Mac OS X

This page provides instructions for using IllinoisNet_Guest to connect to IllinoisNet on a Mac

IllinoisNet_Guest is used to configure your laptop, phone, or tablet to IllinoisNet. Once you have successfully completed the configuration steps, you no longer need to use IllinoisNet_Guest. You will be able to connect to IllinoisNet directly

1.  Go to wireless settings and connect to the IllinoisNet_Guest SSID

2.  Open a browser window and navigate to You should automatically be redirected to a captive portal. You can also reach the captive portal at
3.  Input your NetID and password when prompted
     IllinoisNet_Guest Portal

4.  Click on the checkbox for "I accept the terms of use"
5.  Click on the Log In button
6.  You should briefly see a Logging In screen.
IllinoisNet_Guest Login Progress

7.  Click on "Set Up IllinoisNet"
IllinoisNet_Guest Setup IllinoisNet    
8.  Click on IllinoisNet
IllinoisNet_Guest IllinoisNet    
9.  Follow the on-screen instructions.
IllinoisNet_Guest Setup Profile

10. You will be prompted to download and install a profile.
 IllinoisNet_Guest Install Profile 1   

11. Enter your University of Illinois NetID and password (used for connecting to IllinoisNet wireless), and click "Install."
IllinoisNet_Guest Install Profile 2    

12. Enter your local computer password (to allow changes to your computer's settings), and click "OK."
 IllinoisNet_Guest Local Password   

13. The profile should now be installed. 
IllinoisNet_Guest Profile Installed    
     However, at this point your computer will still be connected to IllinoisNet_Guest.

14.  IMPORTANT: After the profile is installed, you must manually:
     a.  "Forget" the IllinoisNet_Guest network: Networking, Wireless, Forgetting a Network
     b.  Select IllinoisNet from the list of available wireless networks.

To confirm that your Mac OS X computer is properly configured for IllinoisNet:
1.  Click the Wi-Fi icon in the menu bar and choose "Open Network Preferences..."

2.  Verify that the current network name is "IllinoisNet" and the status is "Connected."
     Mac Verify 1

3.  Click "Advanced" and select the "Wi-Fi" tab.  Verify that the list of Preferred Networks:
     a.  Includes IllinoisNet.
     b.  Does not include IllinoisNet_Guest
     c.  You may see eduroam.  If so, it should be listed below IllinoisNet.
     d.  You may see other non-University networks (e.g. your home wireless network).
     Mac Verify 2

4.  Select the "802.1X" tab and verify that the WiFi (IllinoisNet) profile is installed.
     Mac 802.1X

 If you have any questions about these settings, please contact the Technology Services Help Desk.

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