Illinois Compass 2g, Canvas, Instructors, Rename or Change Course Title

How do I change the course title on Compass 2g?

      To change the Compass 2g space title:

1.    Go to

2.     Enter your NetID and Active Directory Password.

3.     Click Login.

4.     Scroll to the bottom of the screen and click the Illinois Compass 2g Space Request Status and Edit link.


Click the link next to Space Title. On the Edit Registrar-Affiliated Space Title page, you can edit the Course Title and/or the Section display in the space title.

1.     Make edits to the title and/or section information.

2.     Click the Next button. (Click the Discard Edits button if you decide not to retain the edits you made.)

3.     A summary of your edits page appears. Click either the Space Title or Rosters links to make any further edits, or click the Submit button to apply the edits.


To revert to the space’s original title:

1.     Click the Restore Defaults button.

2.     A pop-up window appears that asks if you want to use the original space title. Click Change to this to revert to the default title.