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How do I adjust my wireless card's power settings?

Adjust Your Wireless Card's Power Settings.

Because of IllinoisNet's unique ability to support high densities of wireless clients in an area while simultaneously allowing those clients to roam throughout each building without losing connections, the default settings of some wireless cards may need to be adjusted. To do this:

  1. On your desktop, right-click Computer and select Manage.


  2. In the Computer Management window that opens, click Device Manager.

    Device Manager

    NOTE: You can also access the Device Manager by opening the Start Menu, clicking Control Panel, and clicking Device Manager.

  3. Click the triangle next to Network Adaptors to reveal a list of installed adapters. Right-click your wireless card and select Properties from its pop-up menu.
  4. In the Properties window, click the Advanced tab.


    NOTE: If there is no Advanced tab, it means that these settings cannot be adjusted through the Device Manager interface. Consult your wireless card's vendor to see if it is possible to change these settings through a different interface.

  5. Change your settings, if necessary, so that:
    • Roaming Aggressiveness = Medium
    • Transmit Power = Highest
    • Power / Performance = Prefer performance over power saving
  6. Click the Power Management tab.

    Power Management

  7. Uncheck Allow the computer to turn off this device to save power.
  8. Click OK in the Driver Properties window.

Adjust your computer's advanced power settings to allow the wireless card to maintain power

  1. On your taskbar, click the battery icon (indicates your computer's level of charge) and, in the menu that appears, select More power options.

    More power options

  2. In the Power Options window that appears, you'll see a series of descriptions of different power plans. Click the Show additional plans text to display the full list of power plans.

    Show additional plans

  3. For each plan:
    1. Click Change plan settings.

      Change plan settings

    2. In the Change settings for the plan pages that appear, click Change advanced power settings.

      Change advanced power settings

    3. In the Power Options window that opens, find Wireless Adapter Settings and expand it.

      Wireless Adapter Settings

    4. Expand Power Saving Mode.
    5. In each of the items displayed in Power Saving Mode, make sure that the selection is Maximum Performance.

      NOTE: Be sure to choose Maximum Performance mode. Maximum Power Saving mode can cause some wireless cards to disconnect more frequently or to have trouble connecting to the University’s wireless services. If you are having connection problems, switching to Maximum Performance mode should improve your connectivity.

      NOTE: Be sure you perform these steps for every power plan on the list.

Reboot your computer.

If, after you reboot the machine, you continue to experience problems with IllinoisNet, you can also:

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