BeyondTrust (Bomgar) – How to Start a Remote Session and elevate privileges with BeyondTrust (Bomgar) Representative Console

Step-by-step instructions for connecting to client machines and elevate privileges.

How to Start a Remote Session

Login to BeyondTrust (Bomgar) Representative Console and select the Session Key radio button. This will generate a one-time key for the client to input on their end. From the Session Key window, you will be able to set an expiration time on the key, if the client is not currently at their computer.

Have client visit: The website will prompt client to enter session key:

Once the client enters the session key and presses submit, the following will appear:

Have client follow onscreen prompts. A window should appear briefly, showing client that their computer is connecting to the server. Followed by and end user agreement which they will need to agree to:

When client has agreed to the terms, they will pop up in your BeyondTrust (Bomgar) session window:

Double clicking the client session will open a new window, you will need to click Screen Sharing to prompt the client with allow or refuse remote access:

Once the user allows remote access, you will be able to see their desktop; which includes multiple monitors. You will now have access to all parts of the computer, unless admin rights are needed. (If the user has admin rights, it will prompt them to select allow, while a loading symbol will appear on your end.) Pressing the red X in the right corner of the screen, will allow you to end the session. Session Info will give more detailed information of the client’s computer.

Elevate Privileges

Once the remote session is live there will be a ribbon across the top.  


Clicking this ribbon will open 'Elevate Customer Client' popup:


If the client has administrative privileges they can elevate the privileges to you. If you are a technician and have administrative privileges to the machine, you can select Specific User radio button and enter the admin credentials to send through to the machine. If the default Prompt Customer radio button is selected the user will be prompted with the following:


Once the user selects 'Yes', your machine will disconnect for a few seconds to gain a new elevated connection with the client machine. You will now notice the ribbon is gone and you will have full admin privileges to the machine. You will be able to see and click all admin level prompts.

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