ATLAS CMS - Adding a page to website

Learn to add a page to an existing website with ATLAS CMS.

To add a new page to our website, let's first go to the Site Page Manager. 

new page types

Here, I've added some numbers so that we can discuss the different new page types. 

1) Blank Page - this is a clean page where you can select available page layouts and fill with content.

2) Raw Html Page - this is a page that you can edit and manipulate with html. It will offer other options that layouts can limit, but should only be used by experienced users with the appropriate permissions. 

3) ATLAS Directory Page - this page implements data from the ATLAS Directory application, typically displaying faculty and staff information.

4) Copy of Selected - this will create an exact copy of whatever page you have selected. It can be helpful when wanting to leave a finished page in the state it's in, but still experiment with changes on a similar page. 

For our purposes, let's choose a Blank Page. 

page type selection

Here we can see the fields that we must fill out for our new blank page. 

First things first, let's select a predetermined Page Type from the drop down. 

This will give us access to different content types and ensure that they behave properly. 

add content selected

Now that we've selected a Page Type, let's go ahead and select the Add Content. 

We can see here that we have a few different content types available to us. These content types were established by the Page Type we selected earlier. 

select content type

Let's go ahead and select Standard Text to view the text editor for the ATLAS CMS.

confirm text changes

Once inside the text editor - we find that it behaves like many other markdown editors. 

To determine the size and html tag associated with our text - we use the drop-down selector that currently displays Heading 1. 

We can then type our content in much like with a word processor. 

We then hit the Confirm Changes button to keep the text we've added. 

Now when we look back out our page, we can see the content section we've just added. 

save as draft

We see that the "test page" content section exists now on our page - and we can hit the Save Draft button to keep these changes for later. 

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