Webstore, Media delivery method selection for SAS

What media delivery method should I select for SAS?

The option to remotely connect to a server to run SAS allows you to run SAS from any computer with an Internet connection without having to install the 8 GB plus application on each computer from the multiple DVD sets.  Instead, you will use a remote desktop connection to view and interact with the SAS application that has been installed on a server and so you'll be able to run it from a Windows, Macintosh, or Linux computer.  You will be able to access files back on your local computer within SAS.  Once purchased, you'll simply email us to get your access set up and we'll reply with the file you can run to connect to the server

The loaner media kit option available for Faculty/Staff, shipment via campus mail, allows you to borrow the installation DVDs for free.  Most people will want to select the Teaching and Research edition which has more features but it cannot be used for University administrative purposes.  Please select the 32-bit or 64-bit edition to match the edition of Windows that you have installed. To find out if your computer is running 32-bit or 64-bit Windows, simply click the Start button,Picture of the Start button click Control Panel, click System and Maintenance, and then click System.

If you would like to have a media set to keep, you should choose the Media Direct Ship option.

Finally, a no media option is provided for those that do not need the installation DVDs, those who choose to download the ISO images, or for those who use remote server access.  This is also useful for those that are simply renewing an existing installation, or purchasing an additional license which will be installed using a copy of media that they already possess.