ATLAS Gradebook - Assigning instructor to course term and section

Learn to assign your instructors to course terms and sections in ATLAS Gradebook

Let's start by navigating to the Course Term Home and selecting the Instructors area. 

in the CHEM 101 Fall 2013: Instructors screen we select Add Instructor

We can see that since we haven't added instructors yet, our instructor table is empty. 

Let's select the Add Instructor button. 

we then add the netID of our instructor and assign available sections to them

When we enter the netID of our instructor, we will get the green box with a name in it to confirm we're entering the right ID. 

Once we've got our instructor added, we can select the sections that they will instruct. We can only choose from sections that we've entered into the course term in the **Sections** area. 

After we've got Paul Newman instructor section ADA, let's go ahead and hit the Save button. 

view instructor in saved instructor table

We can now see our new instructor and the section that he's assigned to in the instructor table. To change the sections for Paul Newman, we can just select the Edit button in the appropriate row in the table. 

To add the rest of our instructors, we can just repeat the process as many times as needed with new instructors!

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