Technology Enhanced Classrooms, Altgeld Hall 314

This room is a Technology Enhanced Classroom. Faculty, staff, and students using this classroom may request training by completing the online form.  
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Phone: (217) 244-7000 E-mail:

This classroom is equipped with audiovisual equipment for instructors.

Equipment in this Technology Enhanced Classroom:

Things to know about this room:

Switches for lighting scenes are on the cabinet. It is not immediately apparent which lights each switch controls, so familiarize yourself with the controls prior to your first class. There are also lighting controls just to the left of the chalkboard that allow the use of different banks of lights. The permanent sloped screen above the chalk boards is designed to be used with transparency projectors. The electronic drop-down screen is the one used by the projection system.

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A view of the classroom with theater auditorium seating, chalkboards, and two instructor tables in front.
A view of the cabinet open with computer monitor, VGA and HDMI inputs, a push button controller, audio visual rack, and electric screen controls.

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