ATLAS CMS - User Permissions

Learn to add/manage users and user permissions with ATLAS CMS

Let's start by going to User Manager area of ATLAS CMS. 

We can get there by clicking Users in the left-hand navigation and then selecting User Manager.

Now we should see our sitewide permissions as below:

sitewide permission including one user

We see our site administrator, Tom Jones, with the "site admin" badge underneath his name. 

To explore the features, let's add a single user and then an AD group. 

For both options, we select Add New User.

Add a single user

The Add New User screen defaults with all permissions unchecked. But I'll go ahead and add a netID and select a few options to expedite the tutorial. 

user added and perms set

While it would be simple to quickly give all permissions to a user - we can set our users up for success by considering their ability level and the tasks they need to accomplish. 

In this instance, the user needs all permissions other than 'edit site menus.' In removing that permission, we can limit the scope of our users - helping them focus on the areas that need their attention. 

After we've selected permissions, let's hit save and look at our sitewide permissions table again. 

we see our new user. we can click the wheel on the right to edit the new user.

We can see Paul Newman with the correct permissions badges (pages, assets, special) under his name. 

Add an AD group

add valid AD group and select perms

We can see by the green indicator by the text entry that our AD group has been acknowledged. 

Now we can set perms for every member of that group. 

Let's hit save and see the group in the table.

AD group in table

View and edit user 

Let's say the next day we want to go back and check Paul Newman's permissions again. 

Hit the wheel in the right of the sitewide permissions table, and select 'view or edit user.' 

view perms for paul newman

We can see the same permissions that we selected. We're free to check or uncheck any permission and hit Update from here. 

To get a look at what Paul has been up to in the CMS, let's hit the Activity option. 

vew activity of Paul

In the time since we added Paul, he has edited the Home Page and edited and image as well. 

To return to the sitewide permissions table, hit the Cancel button. 

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