Kaltura, Publishing media to media space

How to publish media to Illinois media space

Do I need to publish my media and which publishing location should I choose?

Publishing allow others to view your media items through galleries or channels in Illinois Media Space. Publishing allows access options beyond private and unlisted.

Why can't I publish to galleries?

For public galleries, only specific people have access to publish to these galleries. These are most likely unit communicators or others with similar responsibilities. If you should have access to publish to a public gallery for your group or unit please fill out this form.

What if I publish my media to more than one publishing point?

If media is published to multiple places, the media will have the least restrictive access rights that have been granted to that media. However it is important to note that in this case there will be more than one URL to the media. These URLs are based on the publish point and have the restriction of that publish point. For instance, if a piece of media is published to a gallery and to a private channel, the URL from the channel is still private and will not allow users not authorized in the channel to view the asset, but the URL from the public gallery will still be public.